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CDM 6.80 HF1 Install steps when 'Disk Usage Delta' metric is not enabled


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


What are the CMD 6.80 HF1 install steps when 'Disk Usage Delta' metric is not enabled in Default Disk(s) Enhanced profiles?

These are the steps included in the hotfix

Additional Instructions (for MCS):
*Delete the existing Default Disks (Enhanced) template profile.
*Acknowledge the alarms.
*Deploy the template version 6.81.
*Migrate the template through MCS probe utility.
*Restart Nimsoft Service Controller.
*Create profile for Default Disks (Enhanced) template. New alerts will come with metric name as "Disk Usage Delta".


Release : 20.4



1. Manually deploy CDM-MC 6.80-HF1 to all robots

2. Deploy cdm_mcs_template 6.81 to the UIM Server/Primary Hub

3. Migrate the template using the MCS probe utility if mon_config_service -> migration -> enable_auto_migration key is set to false.

   enable_auto_migration = false

Note: If the enable_auto_migration key is set to true, the migration will automatically kick off after the template is deployed and the migration steps below can be skipped.

Steps to migrate:

a.  From Infrastructure Manager, highlight the mon_config_service probe on the primary hub, then enter <ctrl>p.  From Admin Console, select the "View Probe Utility in New Window" option for the mon_config_service probe on the primary hub.

b.  From the probe commandset list, select the activate_probe_templates_package command

c.  Provide the name of the probe for the probe_name argument, and the <probe>_mcs_templates version for the templates_package_version argument.
These values can be found in the probe_name and probe_template_package_version columns of the SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage table.

mon_config_service probe utility command:  activate_probe_templates_package
probe_name:  cdm
templates_package_version:  6.81

d. Select the Play button (green arrow) to execute the command.