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NetOps Portal web server SSO service upgrade shows FatalError


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Upgrading from 21.2.8 to 21.2.9 and in the SSO service upgrade log file it shows an error.

The log file will be in the (default path) /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/InstallLogs directory. It will be named Performance_Center_SSO_Install_<Month>_<Date>_<Year>_<TimeStamp>.log.

It shows a FatalError in the Summary section as seen here.

Installation: Unsuccessful.

339 Successes
0 Warnings
0 NonFatalErrors
1 FatalErrors

Further in the log we see this more specific error.


Custom Action:
                          Status: FATAL ERROR
                          Additional Notes: FATAL ERROR -     class FatalInstallException: $APP_DIR$ is not a valid directory name


Unable to reproduce or determine root cause.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Engineering suspects there were problems, or missing values, in the /var/.com.zerog.registry.xml file on the Portal web server host during the install run.

After reviewing it post install the expected values are present. Suspicion is that it was updated through the upgrade, despite the errors, and the error was benign.

Post upgrade, despite the error, all functions are working properly.

Additional Information

This is being addressed by engineering via defect DE534932. When engineering provides a release that includes a fix this space will be updated.