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DX APM - Installation of Multiple Instances of the Infrastructure Agent not registering SysEdge as a second service.


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DX Application Performance Management



To install the second instance of APMIA on the same server you will follow the steps from DX APM - SaaS:

APMIACtrl.bat install service_name "<service_name>" display_name "<display_name>"

However, using the command above is not honoring the blanks in not registering SysEdge as a second service.


You don't have to install SysEdge twice.


Windows Server 2012 & 2019
APM Infrastructure Agent 10.7 - already installed
DX APM Infrastructure Agent downloaded from SaaS installed as a 2nd instance of the APMIA on the same machine


Disable SysEdge installation on the second APMIA agent setting the following property to false in IntroscopeAgent.profile as per the screenshot below, reinstall the 2nd agent and it will report to the service of the first agent.


Additional Information

You can use the following command to uninsntall your 2nd APMIA instance:

APMIACtrl.bat uninstall service_name "<service_name>" display_name "<display_name>"