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Gen CSE components for remote DB access


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset


Currently using the Client Server Encyclopedia CSE running on Windows server with a local Oracle database and want to change the configuration to put the database on a separate Windows from the Windows with the CSE Gen software.  Is it possible to keep the actual Windows CSE server and configure it to access a remote Oracle database on a distant Oracle AIX server?

  1. Is it necessary to install and configure any Gen component on the AIX Oracle DB server like a remote daemon or any piece of Gen soft to make message dispatcher work?
  2. Regarding license aspects, is it possible to do with our current target and contract? 


Release: 8.6

Component: Gen Client Server Encyclopedia.


  1. It is not  recommend to put the Oracle database server on a different machine from the Windows CSE software due to performance problems.  

Most users have tested this configuration has switched back to have the Oracle database and CSE software on the same machine.  But, if the system does not require a lot of CSE activity then the performance may be sufficient.  It is not necessary to install  a Gen piece on the AIX Oracle DB server. 

Windows Oracle 32bit Client utility can be run with sqlplus to connect to the DB server and the Oracle UserID has full authority on the Gen tables. SELECT operation can be used with Gen tables to view the contents.

  2.The license does not  discern where the Gen database resides either locally or remotely.