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Using vMotion for a running NetOps Data Collector host


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Do we need to stop DC before vmotioned?

Can the Data Collector services remain running during vMotion activity?

Does the DX NetOps Performance Management Data Collector support vMotion activity?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


There is no support for vMotion activity on DX NetOps Performance Management component servers including Data Collectors.

No testing has been performed for running, or fully stopped Data Collectors being vMotioned.

If all services, specifically the dcmd and activemq services on a Data Collector, are properly stopped before the vMotion activity, it should restart and function properly. Ensure a working snapshot or backup is ready if needed should something go wrong.

Additional Information

Best practice in this case would be preparing to recover the Data Collector if it doesn't function properly after the vMotion activity is executed.

This is done by recording the DcmID of the DC. If something goes wrong after vMotion activity reinstall the Data Collector using the DcmID to resolve the problem.

The steps to complete a reinstall using the DcmID are listed in the Reinstall or Migrate the Data Collectors documentation topic.