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Unable to Approve using Approve or Reject Option


Article ID: 238027


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CA Service Catalog


Steps to view the problem.

  1. User create a request
  2. Request goes to the approver via email with link to service catalog to approve or reject
  3. User approve the request
  4. Nothing happen





Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - Catalog


This problem was viewed when the offering is set to use Policy Based approval, but while in a working environment the default "Assign To Manager" or "assign to spadmin" policies were to Active, on the failing environment there were no valid policies set - the only Active ones have a filter to ensure it is only applied to a different offering.

By enabling this policy we were able to get it working - we always recommend ensuring you have a "low priority" default policy active to catch any offering that fails to meet the filters on all High priority policy definitions.