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UIM cdm Severity Message Options - Disk Error


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I used to see the red-color (critical) option "DefaultDiskErrorCritical" in the pull-down in the below screen but no longer see the option.

The only red (critical) option I can choose re disks is Disk Missing or something specific that may not apply to the actual "critical" disk state.


1) Is there some setup to be done to bring the "DefaultDiskErrorCritical" option back, or is it now decommissioned?

2) If we can no longer use "DefaultDiskErrorCritical" can we customize the message?

In the below screen it says to double click the disk-entry in Status but I couldn't locate where to enter the custom message.


Release : 20.4



DefaultDiskErrorCritical is from the MCS Default Disk(s) (Enhanced) template.

The thing to do is create a custom message. 
IM > cdm configure > Setup > 
double click on DiskError > copy the Message Text > Cancel 
In the Message Pool list of messages right click New > past the message text from DiskError > change Severity to critical > leave Message token & subsystem as is > OK > in New Message copy the desired name such as DiskErrorCritical > OK
Now in Disk usage and thresholds you can select the new DiskErrorCritical.