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How to power cycle a Dell or NetApp storage array


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As part of the troubleshooting process, it may be required to completely power cycle the storage array.  If requested by technical support, follow these steps.  


Dell MD3860 storage

NetApp E5660 storage


Note: A power cycle will require downtime so a maintenance window is needed before proceeding.

To power cycle the storage:

  1. Stop all I/O to the storage (ie power down the sensor)
  2. In SANtricity under the Hardware tab, right click on one of the controllers and select Advanced > Place > Offline.
  3. Repeat for second controller
  4. Flip switches on the power supply to the Off position
  5. Disconnect power cables from power source
  6. Wait 10 minutes
  7. Plug power cables back in and flip power supply switches to the On position
  8. Check SANtricity to confirm health status is Optimal