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Query regarding DX Netops Upgrade


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DX NetOps


We are planning to upgrade our DX Netops Infra to version 21.2.9. Here, CA PM is integrated with Spectrum, NFA and VNA. In Broadcom downloads page we could see software upgrade [i.e., version 21.2.9] is available only for CA PM and VNA. For NFA and Spectrum it only lists version 21.2.8

Can we upgrade CAPM and VNA alone to version 21.2.9? If we do so, will it break the integration [or] create any impacts for running Spectrum and NFA in  version 21.2.8?



Spectrum and NFA set releases for even numbered versions. So leaving NFA and Spectrum on 21.2.8 is fine


Release : 21.2

Component :


You can upgrade Performance Management and VNA to 21.2.9, leaving Spectrum and NFA on version 21.2.8

Additional Information

This is also true of any odd numbered release, unless otherwise specified. You can use the even numbered release of Spectrum and NFA that preceded the one you're installing for PM