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VM:Tape error VMTMTXEP fixed by IBM APAR VM66494


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VM:Tape for z/VM


Is there a VM:Tape Fix that goes along with the now Closed IBM APAR VM66494 to resolve a error in CMS Multitasking?


Release : 2.0

Component : VM:Tape for zVM


There is no specific VM:Tape PTF(s) that needs to be applied along with the IBM/CMS PTF associated with IBM APAR VM66494, which removes an exposure in CMS storage management when devices are
ATTACHED and DETACHED from a virtual machine. 

The problem and fix are specific to CMS code, and not VM:Tape code. 
VM:Tape just happens to do a lot of ATTACH and DETACH processing, so  the problem was attributed to VM:Tape because it was most often seen there.