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CA Dispatch - IDMSAJNL Journal Restart Procedure


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


We encountered a tape drive problem during execution of the DSEXJNL1 offload job while it was attempting to offload CAIJRNL1. Subsequent submissions of the DSEXJNL1 journal offload job are now receiving a "UNABLE TO SELECT A DISK JOURNAL (CAIJRNL1) FOR OFFLOADING" message and end with a U2109.


If the journal job is canceled, or abends, or if CA Dispatch is canceled or abends while the journals are offloading, the journals will probably not offload successfully if the job DSEXJNL1 is simply resubmitted.


Release : 11.7, Dispatch, journal, offload, full, 2109, U2109, dsexjnl1,member, symbolic, specific


To restart the journal job

1. Determine which journal was full and point to an appropriate offload member in CADSOPTN (DSJRNLF1, DSJRNLF2, DSJRNLF3, DSJRNLF4, depending on which journal was full).

2. Resubmit DSEXJNL1 after the parameter has been modified to point to the appropriate member. The guide below tells you how to locate and change the correct statement.

Locate this parameter in the DSEXJNL1 proc:

member = DSJRNL1

Change the parameter by substituting the appropriate member for the full journal; that is, if journal 3 is full, specify DSJRNLF3:


Note: If you are unsure which journals are full, manually submit the journal job DSEXJNL1 without the above modification. This job produces a journal status report regardless of job failure or whether the journal file offload was successful.

Resubmit DSEXJNL1 pointing to the appropriate member (DSJRNLF1, DSJRNLF2, DSJRNLF3, DSJRNLF4). Repeat this step for every journal that is full.

Attempt to bring CA Dispatch down cleanly with STOPCADS. Run DSEXJFIX to reinitialize the journals. When running the DSEXJFIX job for the purpose of initializing your existing journal files and cleaning up any fragmentation and/or corruption, as is the case here, set the JCL's MIGRATE symbolic as MIGRATE='LE'.

Note: If CA Dispatch does not come down cleanly, do not run DSEXJFIX without contacting CA Technical Support. A broken chain in the database can occur if this job is run inappropriately.

Additional Information

The Journal Restart Procedure is documented in...

Dispatch systems Programmer Guide
-- Appendix A: Troubleshooting
--- Journal Restart Procedure

If you don't already have a copy of the Dispatch documentation available to you, you can download a PDF version of the documentation by clicking on the above link.