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Unable to access URL "This content is blocked"


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Adding domain to CONTENT_SECURITY_DOMAINS as <> (example)

It's added successfully, and appears correctly when listing and looking in the database

On this secure environment, an error is still thrown in UI:

"This content is blocked"

Refused to frame 'https://EXAMPLE.COM:8443/' because it violates the following Content Security Policy Directive: "frame-src 'self' EXAMPLE.COM"


Release : Any


  • Add the entry as follows to the CONTENT_SECURITY_DOMAINS (URL is example):
  • Note that typically the "" is the way it should be entered as "https" and "port" are not required
  • This is a workaround for some environments on which the recommended way does not work

Additional Information

For first time set up and recommended ways to set up Content Security Domains, check out: Content Security Domain update (with Command Prompt and in Clarity database)