search cancel is failing to work the same way as previous 21.2.4 release.


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CA Spectrum


We want to function exactly the same way as it previously functioned before 21.2.4.

The workaround as provided in this KB article is not useful as passwords should not be exposed on the command line.


Change of password in 21.2.4 causes not to function the way it did before in earlier releases.


Release : 21.2.8

Component : Spectrum Applications


For 21.2.8 you can request patch Spectrum_21.02.08.PTF_21.2.804 


This is scheduled to be fixed out of box in Spectrum 21.2.10 and higher.

Additional Information

As a potential workaround you can edit the script file by adding the bolded text


var1=" -p MysqlR00t"
$JAVA_PATH -Xmx512m -DSPECROOT=$SPECROOT -cp $classpath "[email protected]" $var1


However if is currently running and someone does a process list command, then the password is still exposed with the workaround.  The patch resolves this issue.