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Self Service Symbol only appears in Service Point if both Request and Incident is flagged in the category


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CA Service Desk Manager


Self Service Request/Incident Areas are not displayed under 'What does it relate to?' in Service Point ticket creation screen if one of Request and Incident flags is not enabled. 

1. Open a Request/Incident/Problem Area and ensure that all ticket types are enabled. e.g. Email 

2. Log into Service Point and type something related to the Area we checked on the step 1 in the field 'What do you need help with?", e.g. email. Hit 'Enter' key.
The Area we checked on the step 1, e.g. "Email" is displayed under 'What does it relate to?'.

3. Open the Request/Incident/Problem Area again and disable the ticket type "Incident". Save the change.

4. Go to 'xFlow Interface' > 'ServicePoint' > 'Configurations' and open the current (default) configuration. Ensure the "Request" is specified as 'Preferred Ticket Type'.

5. Follow the step 2 again. 
Nothing was displayed under 'What does it relate to?'.


The problem was caused by the DE64543.


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - Service Point


The can be fixed by r17.3 RU14.