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SharePoint Agent logs for SharePointServer. -SiteMinder Logs Gathering requirements for Support - SMSPA


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CA Single Sign On Agents (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On Federation (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) SITEMINDER Protection for SharePoint Servers



This Document list the log files needed by support to trouble shoot SharePoint Agent logs for SharePointServer. -SiteMinder Logs, SiteMinder family including the following:

  1. SharePoint 2010 logs

  2. Agent for SharePoint Logging


General Guidelines for Providing Log files to CA SiteMinder Security Support Cases

To determine root cause, CA SiteMinder Security Support typically needs a certain set of data to be collected. Providing the information as described in the table below up front when the case is opened will expedite resolution.

The logs with full tracing (as opposed to partial tracing) provide the Support Engineer a great deal of insight into the state of the environment leading up to the error condition. More limited tracing or no logging is almost always insufficient

CA SiteMinder Security Support certainly understands that most production environments are not set to full logging. In these scenarios, CA will do its best to analyze the data provided however in many cases this may not provide enough information to determine the root cause of the issue and higher log levels will be requested. This document is only a baseline of data as some issues will require additional data collection which the Support Engineer will request as necessary.

Problem Area Log File(s) Ideal Log Level

Agent for SharePoint Logging

  • server.log
  • webagent.log
  • trace.log
  • Httpclient.log
  • federation.log
  • federationtrace.log
  • claimswebservice.log**
  • claimswebservicetrace.log**
  • SPConnectionWizard.log*
  • NA
  • NA
Important Note: We recommend you to enable logging only for debugging. In a production environment, enabling logging can cause performance degradation.


HTTP Head tools:

In order or preference for Support

HTTP Watch is not recommended as this is a licensed product that CA does not currently license. Because of this the information that CA support can see when they use the free copy of this software is very limited.


Component: SMSPA


SiteMinder Logs/ SharePoint Server side of logs

Additional Information

Claims Web Service Logging

The claimswebservice.log records events that take place in the WS layer in the Agent for SharePoint. This file can be found in the directory Agent-for-SharePoint_home/proxy-engine/logs. The logging configuration is done in the file.

The claims web service logging is disabled by default. You can enable claims web service logging by performing the following procedure in the file.

Note: Restart the Agent for SharePoint if you change the file.

Follow these steps:

Open the file. This file can be found in the directory Agent-for-SharePoint_home/Tomcat/webapps/ClaimsWS/WEB-INF/classes.
Set the LoggingOn setting to Y.
Accept the default name and location for the LogFileName setting, which points to the claimswebservice.log file.

Claims web service logging is now enabled.