Trapx log file is not auto backing up and creating a new one


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We have the following configuration in the trapX.config file to rotate the traps.log file should it grow to a specific size:

filter * * * * * * file  /opt/CA/SDMConnector/traps.log 256

However, the traps.log file continues to grow beyond the size specified. No bak file is created and a new traps.log is not created.

The following is the documentation on how the file parameter is supposed to work:

'file' action:
This action logs the trap to a file in a human-readable format. The log-file option is the name of the file to log the trap to.
max-file-size specifies the maximum size that the file can grow to, in kilobytes.  When the <log-file> exceeds this size, it is renamed to <log-file>.bak, and a new <log-file> is created.  If <log-file>.bak already exists when the switchover occurs, it is overwritten.  
If max-file-size is unspecified or set to 0, then the log file will grow indefinitely.
The file option is only for V1 trap.
Format: file log-file [max-file-size] *


Defect in the code.


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Trap Exploder


The fix for this issue is scheduled to be included in a future release of Spectrum. No specific release specified at the publishing of this knowledge article.

Additional Information


If you need the information in this file:

- Stop TrapX

- Copy the file to a safe location outside the TrapX area

- Start TrapX. A new log file will be created.

If you do not need the information in this file

- Stop TrapX

- Delete the file

- Start TrapX. A new log file will be created.