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APMIA agent installation issue on windows servers


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We are facing issue with installation and configuration APM agent ( APMIA windows agent). We are seeing different issues on different servers.

On few servers, Whatever the way we install apmia agent, only CA APM infrastructureAgent is getting installed. System edge is not getting installed. There ae no programs registered in Add/ remove programs.

On few servers, When we install agent, both services present in services. But only CA APM infrastructureAgent is running, System edge is not running. Manual start of the service is failing with error. Program was registered in Add/ remove programs.

On Some servers, agent is getting installed and both services are running fine until we reboot those servers. after rebooting servers, services are not starting up.


Release : 21.3

Component : APM Power Packs


1- Remove the SNMP service as it could cause conflict with APMIA and sysedge.

2- Install vc_redist64.exe and ensure vcruntime140.dll file presence, as it is a pre requisite to run sysedge service.  

3- Once zip file is extracted, all extension *.tar.gz files present at .\apmia\extensions\deploy will be automatically deployed. No need to update Extensions.profile.

Note from Extensions.profile:
Once an extension has been added to the deploy directory, it will automatically be added to the property.