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Project XOG failing with custom Date field out of range error


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When attempting to update project via XOG getting error CMN-0013: Value for attribute  'date' is out of range


1. Login to Clarity as Administrator
2. Create attribute on project object of Date type with below Validation range:
Validation From = Start of Current Year
Validation To = End of Current Year
Default Date = Start of Current Year
3. Ensure that value for the field created in step 2 is out of range for example 12/31/2021. To do that you will need to remove validation temporaraly so you can update the date and then set it back as per Step 2.
4. Run a XOG to update project and do not include custom date attribute from step 2, notice error in the output
CMN-0013: Value for attribute 'test_date' is out of range

Expected Results: It should allow to update project successfully since attribute is not included in the XOG input file.

Actual Results: It is not allowing to update project and error is observed.



Release : 15.9.3

Component : Clarity XOG and REST API


DE64539, Fixed in and 16.0.2