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NFA 21.2.8 Pre-Upgrade Script


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA) DX NetOps


If you plan to upgrade to NFA 21.2.8 there is a mandatory script which must be ran to prevent a problem which could lead to database corruption.


There could be legacy MySQL procedures / triggers in the database from old version of NFA that contain query which call on the anonymous MySQL user which gets removed in 21.2.8 and causes problems if not remediated. 


NFA 21.2.8


  1. Download the DefinerUpdate.sql file from below.
  2. Copy it to the NFA Console Server.
  3. Run this command from a CMD line to import the file into the database:

    mysql -uroot -p < C:\DefinerUpdate.sql

    (the the default password blank on all versions prior to 21.2.8. If already on 21.2.8, the default password is [email protected])

  4. Proceed to upgrade to NFA 21.2.8.

This can be ran after the upgrade to 21.2.8 has completed but it is best to run it prior.

Additional Information

Click here to read about NFA 21.2.8 mandatory patch needed for data integrity.


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