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Alternative configuration of DB Service regarding No more data to read from socket


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In DB failover scenarios it may happen that the DB Service (VARA SQL / VARA SQLI) fails:

20211210/192709.996 - U02012045 The database returned an error for RunID '1771152447/1':
20211210/192709.997 -           No more data to read from socket
20211210/192709.997 - U02012037 Query with RunID '1771152447' ended abnormally



Release : 12.2

Component :


The DB Service can also work in the following way:

1. Install the SQL Agent with the standard SQL Agent ini-file (ucxjsqlx.ini)

2. In the ini-file set type=GENERICJDBC

3. Start the Agent with the option -service:

java -jar -Xmx256M c:\uc4\ServiceManager\bin\..\..\Agents\sql_as_service\bin\ucxjsqlx.jar -service -ic:\uc4\ServiceManager\bin\..\..\Agents\sql_as_service\bin\

4. In the Connection Object choose: Generic JDBC

5. Set a string like this:


Note that the prefix is jdbc:oracle:oci instead of jdbc:oracle:thin

IMPORTANT: While testing with 'Connection Test' make sure that there are no other DB-Service Agents running because the test seems to fail if executed on a differently configured Service.

Additional Information

General information about Connection String and Connection Properties and their differences in the use in the advanced Settings of a  Database Connector Settings.

Both kind of settings are vendor specific and each JDBC vendor offers different connection string/properties settings

CONNECTION STRING = data is added to the connection string

examples for JDBC CONNECT STRING options on MS SQLServer:

 CONNECTION PROPERTY = on the connection the defined property is set 

For example of JDBC CONNECTION PROPERTIES options on MS SQLServer:

Again, each JDBC vendor offers different connect string settings and might even offer certain properties to be set on the connection.

The naming is self-explaining - the connection object definition just offers the possibility to add connection string options and connection properties if needed for the used db vendor's db.