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ACTIVITY display - Relationship between CP% IIP% ALL% and CPU%


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


The ACTIVITY command displays the status of jobs executing in the system. 

There is a big difference between the values of the CP% IIP% ALL% and the CPU% used by the jobs.

Command ====>                                                 Scroll *===> PAGE
---------------------------------------------- Lvl 3 Row 1-27/3684 Col 1-79/654
(r)    CP% IIP% ALL% -Condition-  ---MSU---  ---Ready---  --Paging--  -Storage-
CPU   6%   1%   2%  
LCPU   6%   1%   2%
             =                          ALL                  ALL              
Cmd XSSystem Jobname  Stepname Procstep Type  Jobnr JobClass Status   CPU%    
___ ABCD     JOB0001 STEP0001 TOM   STC    1257 STC      IN      31.06    


The CPU% of the job JOB0001 is 31.06 but the values of CP% IIP% ALL% are very low.

Why this difference?

How the values of CP% IIP% ALL% are related to the CPU% column?



Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


The information that appears in the fields CP% IIP% ALL% are calculated differently than the values that appear in the CPU% column of the Activity command.

The values in CP% IIP% ALL% can not be compared with the values of the CPU% column.


For more information on how processor busy percentages are calculated do the following:


In Sysview type HELP OVERVIEW

Scroll down to the statement:


CPU%, CPU%LPAR, CPU%RSHR, what is the difference? 


and put your cursor on the CPU% value and hit enter:

You will see information about different topics. 

Scroll down to the statement:

* CPU%       The logical partition processor busy percentage as
            viewed by the operating system (MVS).             

and put your cursor on the CPU% value and hit enter:

        You will see an explanation of What is CPU% ? and you will see the generalized equation of how CPU% is calculated

                                   Note: You can put the cursor on the highligthed fields to have an explanation of the fields

Now, from the ACTIVITY command put your cursor on the CPU% column and hit PF1 (HELP)

You will see the explanation of the value of the CPU% column of the Activity display.


As you can see the value that appears in the CPU% column of the ACTIVITY display has a different meaning than the values that appear in the CP% IIP% ALL%  section.