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After enter credentials, the Oneclick console remain Initializing


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CA Spectrum


After changing the hostname and ip address on the SpectroSERVER and OneClick servers following the instructions from next knowledge document:

How to change the Hostname and/or IP Address of a SpectroSERVER or OneClick Web Server

we are able to login to OneClick home page, but after launching the OneClick console, and enter credentials, the console never loads, and instead just remain Initializing.


The files that need to be updated with the new hostname MUST match exactly the new hostname name.

Let's say the hostname include upper and lower cases, then you must update the configuration files honoring that.

You can check the new hostname using the hostname command.

For instance, if the hostname is SpectrumBox01, you will find problems if you update the configuration files with something different to that, like for instance: spectrumbox01.



Release : 21.2



1. Open a terminal (Linux) or cmd (Windows) and execute: hostname
    The hostname command will return the current hostname.

2. Make sure all the configuration files mentioned in the knowledge document were updated with the exact hostname returned by the command hostname. If the hostname include upper and lower case letters, you need to honor that also in the configuration files.