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How to change port number or add Endpoint server IP to existing Agents.


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There might be a situation where there is a need to change the port number or add additional Endpoint server IP address to the already installed agents.


DLP Agent 15.8

Data Loss Prevention Endpoint server.


For changing Agent port number or adding additional Endpoint server IP address, ensure that agents are online and communicating with the Endpoint server.

1. Go to System->Agents-> select agent/s for modification.

2. Once agent/s are selected, click on "Change Endpoint Server"

3. Then add "Primary Endpoint Server Host" and "Alternate Endpoint Server Host" if we want add additional Endpoint server.

4. If needed, the port can be changed here (Default 10443) to say 443.

5. If the port is changed in step 4 then remember to change port in Endpoint server configuration at System->Server And Detectors->Configure->Agent

Note: Endpoint agent will always attempt to communicate with primary Endpoint server, if primary Endpoint server is not available then agent will switch to the alternate Endpoint server. Once primary Endpoint server is available then agent will again switch to the primary server. We can also create separate packages with primary and alternate server preference based on the scenario like DMZ.