S053-112 abend, ACF2 support for the REUSASID option
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S053-112 abend, ACF2 support for the REUSASID option


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ACF2 - z/OS


ACF2 is frequently stopped and restarted on one a test system which causes various system resources related to cross-memory services to be consumed (address space ID numbers, system linkage indexes, etc.), and can result in abends such as an S053-112 abend.

Does ACF2 supports the REUSASID option?


Release : 16.0

Component : ACF2 for z/OS


When stopping and starting ACF2 multiple times between an IPL, S053-112 abends as well as message 'IEF196I IEF352I ADDRESS SPACE UNAVAILABLE' can occur.

Note from IBM regarding a reusable ASID:

  • "If you have an address space that becomes nonreusable when it terminates, as identified by the message IEF352I ADDRESS SPACE UNAVAILABLE at termination, consider using a reusable ASID with it.
  • "To use a reusable ASID, specify REUSASID=YES on the START command for the address space or specify ATTR=(REUSASID) on the ASCRE."
  • ACF2 supports 'REUSASID. ACF2 can be started with REUSASID=YES in DIAGxx and can be used like this : S ACF2,REUSASID=YES