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SYSVIEW - REST API - Login API ZWEAS405 The request method has been disabled and cannot be used for requested resource


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


We are running SYSVIEW REST API via the SYSVIEW-app-server.jar running in the started task on zOS as per supplied instructions.

Trying to use the /v1/auth/login API to retrieve a token presenting the password and userid.

Getting the error:

"messageNumber""ZWEAS405",           "messageContent""The request method has been disabled and cannot be used for requested resource.",

The sample APIs all work fine. Via a browser these all popup a box for credentials then the browser holds the token for subsequent calls.

I looked through the supplied doco and config files, but cannot find where the login API is disabled via direct api call.

I want to mimic this behaviour via a test tool like say, postman or soap-ui.

So, for the future I can use scripting engines (outside of zowe) to call the APIs.


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


The HTTP "method" usually refers to GET, POST, PUT, etc. The /auth/login endpoint requires the POST method.
Double check that you are using POST, instead of GET.

The wrong method would result in an HTTP 405 response, which could be where the 405 in ZWEAS405 comes from.

For the postman api client:

Use HTTP Method POST instead of GET.

Use raw instead of form-data.

Override postman setting content-type auto, ensure that it is set to application/json (postman tries to interpret what the endpoint wants and gets it wrong for this one)

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