Gen Inline Code reserved word and syntax checking
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Gen Inline Code reserved word and syntax checking


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Does Gen Inline Code feature perform reserved word or syntax checking for the designated programming language?


Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Workstation Toolset


The Inline Code statement was designed to replace External Action Blocks (EABs) such that custom code could be integrated within model and hence never gets lost which is the potential problem with EABs.
The Inline Code statement is free form user input for the custom code and when using it the user is responsible for checking the code added.
Gen Engineering have no plans to add any reserved word or syntax checking because the compiler is already doing this and it is the same principle for any code editor which provides free form input.

Additional Information

If this feature is considered to be important then per the normal enhancement request process please create a new idea on the Ideas Community, so that other Gen users may vote on it.

Inline Code Statement