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BAIPWI12 Invalid zFS path name: Not found at Netmaster start up


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NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


We recently upgraded to z/OS 2.3 and are now getting the following messages when NetMaster starts (though the task stays up). 

IAIN0167 (NETMST) parameter group $NM ZFS failed. Error message follows
 BAIPWI12 Invalid zFS path name: Not found
*IAIN0143 (NETMST) Initialization failures have occurred

Can you help us figure out what zFS path is not found?  


The Netmaster region cannot locate the ZFS path defined in the ZFS parameter group defined in /PARMS.
Possible reasons for this can vary. 
This KB handles a specific instance and also provides basic diagnostic steps for similar issues.


Release : 12.2

Component : NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


1. Check the Netmaster activity log for additional messages. 

These messages indicate that USS has initialized correctly.  BG-SYS    NM01BSYS   BAINWI66 NM129 exists in /tmp  BG-SYS    NM01BSYS   BAINWI49 Region user NETMST has OMVS home /u/nmtcp  -         -          N2U305 UNIX server starting, PARMS=NODEBUG,P=/tmp/netmaster.unix.0071,A=OMVSAPPL,ZFSP=/tmp  -         -          N2U306 UNIX server active, PID=33554522

The text 'NM129 exists in /tmp' indicates maintenance is applied rendering the CC2DZFS file unnecessary for general USS processing.

2. Check the Webcenter parameter group in /PARMS.
    If it contains Port Number  NONE, the CC2DZFS file is not needed for Web UI processing. 

The combination of messages and configuration indicate that the ZFS file is not required at all in this region.

To correct the problem
1. Enter /PARMS to access the Netmaster parameter groups.

2. Access the ZFS parameter group with U (Update)

3. Blank out the path name and save the changes.

4. Cycle the region to verify the change. The region should initialize cleanly.

If the problem persists, check your RUNSYSIN to see if an INIFILE is in use.
If that is the case, blank out the pathname in the INIFILE.
Cycle the region and repeat steps 1-4.


If the problem persists, or if the messages in your activity log messages are different, please review the Additional Information section.


Additional Information

This section provides some basic background information and  troubleshooting steps to help you in narrowing down or resolving your problem.

Basic ZFS background

The initial errors IAIN067I and BAIPWI12 messages indicate that the ZFS parameter group has failed with the message that it cannot find the path name.

This pathname is used to access the hlq.CC2DZFS file. 

Originally, this file contained information required for Netmaster to interface with USS.

The file had to be permanently mounted in the BPXPRM to facilitate correct access.

PTFs SO15227 and SO15228 altered functionality such that the CC2DZFS is only required by Netmaster for Web services - MTC-NM, NMAPI Services and the Web Portal. 
Installations beyond this maintenance level that are not utilizing these services do not require that Netmaster have access to the hlq.CC2DZFS, and a path is no longer required in the ZFS parameter group.

Steps to take to verify what is required:

1. Check the Netmaster activity log for additional messages during initialization.
    You are looking for messages during initialization of both USS and ZFS parameter groups.
     Do they look okay or are there errors?
     Try doing a google search on the messages you find to see if a Knowledge Document has been written.

    Different messages may appear depending on maintenance level, security definitions, and both Netmaster and environmental configuration.

2. Check the Webcenter parameter group in /PARMS.
    If it contains a port number, the CC2DZFS file is required.

3. Check /PARMS and take a look at the ZFS parameter group.
    Is a path name defined?
    If so, check USS on that system.
      - Does the path exist?
        - II it accessible?''
        - Does it have content?  At mininum, it should contain this
            drwxrwxrwx  11 STCSYS   38          8192 Oct 16  2018 nmInterface               
        - Does the BPXPRM for this system contain a mountpoint linking this path to the hlq.CC2DFS in the BPXPRM?
           - If not, is it possible this ZFS is shared across systems?
    If there are any issues with the above questions, please check to determine the correct pathname and ensure it is
    - Defined in the ZFS parameter group
    - Permanently mounted (generally in the BPXPRM but that is installation dependent)
    - Content is correct
    - The directory permissions are correct (777) .

If problems persist, please contact Broadcom support for assistance.