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Delete old device names and add new ones in snmpcollector is not working


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We have two 3850 switches that have been replaced and are now 9300 switches.  I remove the 3850 profile from snmpcollector and rediscover them, but they are rediscovered as the same 3850. I also have a switch that was decommissioned, so I removed the IP from discovery, but that switch keeps coming back when querying the discovery server.

  • UIM 20.4
  • snmpcollector version: 4.05
  • Hub: 9.34
  • Robot: 9.34

How can we manually delete old device names in snmpcollector and allow display of the new device names when there is a problem after querying the discovery_server? 

Neither new or old device names are displaying after removing and trying to rediscover the old devices.


- discovery_server deployed on child robot of the Primary in UIM v20.4


Release : UIM 20.4 CU1



1. In the Operator Console, delete the 'OLD' devices and also choose "Prevent rediscovery" to blacklist them
2. Delete all contents of the niscache folder on the hub running the snmpcollector
3. Delete all contents of the niscache folder on the discovery_server
4. Restart the snmpcollector and discovery_server probes
5. Access the snmpcollector probe via the Admin Console
6. Delete the snmpcollector device profile that contains old device name, e.g., OLDState-1234 switch
7. Clean up (delete) any duplicate entries based on the dupe cs_id entries in the CM_DEVICE and CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM tables but ONLY for the OLD device, OLDState-1234, where in this case neither old nor new device showed up any longer, after querying the discovery_server in snmpcollector.

To do so, run queries such as:

   select * from cm_device where dev_name = 'old_device_name'
   delete from cm_device where dev_name = 'old_device_name'
   select * from cm_computer_system where name = 'old_device_name'
   delete from cm_computer_system where name = 'old_device_name'

For the given NEW device ipaddress, name->ipaddress, make sure that the ip itself which has the same ip address in the dev_name, is not being prevented from being discovered due to the ip being present in the cm_device_blacklist table. If it is in the table, then

   delete from cm_blacklist_device where dev_ip = <ip_address>

8. Create a new profile in snmpcollector for the NEW device

9. Enter the NEW device name, credentials, port and community string to try and rediscover the new device (device name).

10. In snmpcollector, click the ellipses (three dots) and 'Query discovery server'

The new device should then show up in snmpcollector

After querying the discovery server again after a few minutes, the old name OLDState-1234 should NOT reappear and the new name for the new switch, e.g., NEWState-1234 should appear and persist after running Query Discovery server again.

Final disposition: Operator Console 20.4 - Cumulative Update 2 fixed this issue as a result of the discovery_server working in UIM 20.4 CU2.