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Data in Management Center Backups


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Management Center MC-S400-20 Management Center - VA


You want to know what are included in Management Center Backups


Management Center 3.x or 2.x


Included:  all data stored in the database such as:

- Manage Device configured 
- Manage Device backups (if exist) 
- Policies, shared objects and scripts (along with historical versions)
- Jobs
- Administration System Settings
- Users, Groups and Roles 

Note: Encrypted information such as manage device password/enable password, secret or password for local and external authentication are kept encrypted 

Optional on Backups
         - Statistics Monitoring/PDM data from Manage Devices   

Not included:

- Files in the Management Center file store
- MC default certificate (private and public)
- Auditing, Alerts and Logs  
- License / Birth Certificate
- Management Center (admin) password and enable password 
- Management Center Images (installed-system view) 
- Network configuration (IP, mask, default gateway)



Additional Information

Management Center (MC) backups can only be restored to same or another MC running same version where backup was taken from.
Backups taken from MC hardware device can be restored to MC-VA (and vice versa). 
MC resources such as CPU, memory and disks that will be used to restore a backup should be equal or higher than MC where backup is created.
Offload MC backup either by transferring to one of your internal server (scp, ftp, sftp) or by downloading  to your PC (only available in 3.2.x and above)  
With an exception of installed MC images  (installed-system view),  MC Restore Factory Default (RFD) would delete everything including MC backup stored in  MC itself,