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Perform a cleanup of rule sets in SOLVE/Netmaster


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SOLVE:Operations Automation NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP NetMaster File Transfer Management


I would like to perform a cleanup of old rules in the product that are no longer being triggered in Solve Ops.

So I was wondering if there is a process within the product to keep track of all the processes from the event rules that get accessed during the run of the task?  Some sort of running counter that we could compare with to see if this event has been accessed in the past year?


Component : SOLVE:Operations Automation for z/OS r11.9

                       Netmaster Suite r12.2


Eventview has provided a 'Last hit' date field for message rules starting with PTFs SO04546, So04547, and SO04548 from July 2018. 
                  Corresponding PTF for Netmaster TCP/IP 12.2 is SO04517.

To fix a problem with the Last Hit field not  being populated for a specific type of message rule, PTF SO14117 was written in July 2020 for SOLVE.
                Corresponding PTF for Netmaster TCP/IP 12.2 is SO14196

This can best be viewed using the command /EADMIN.R.
---> Select Rulesets (R) with '?' 
     ---> Select the desired ruleset with M.
         ---> F11 to the far left where you can see the dates.
             ---> Issue PF12 and it will sort by date with all rulesets that have no date first.

There is no print option.