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Performance Report Designer crashes when trying to create Filter List


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I am trying to use the Performance Reports Designer to display info based on server User_Tag_1 value. In the Advanced Filter section, I am using a filter where User Tag 1 is MSSQL_Prod.

When I hit the Verify Filter button, the browser freezes and eventually the page crashes.


This is related to too much data is being queried and trying to be returned back to the OC UI.


Release : 20.4

Component : UIM OPERATOR CONSOLE - Performance Report Designer


In the short term:

This is an example of the query that is being run based off the listed example:

SELECT DISTINCT s_qos_data.source source, 
  FROM CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM cs, CM_DEVICE d, cm_configuration_item ci, cm_configuration_item_metric cim, s_qos_data  
 LEFT JOIN cm_nimbus_robot ON s_qos_data.robot = cm_nimbus_robot.robot 
   WHERE ci.ci_id = cim.ci_id AND d.dev_id = ci.dev_id AND cs.cs_id = d.cs_id AND cim.ci_metric_id = s_qos_data.ci_metric_id     AND ( 1=1 
   and cm_nimbus_robot.user_tag_1 like 'MSSQL%')
 order by s_qos_data.source, s_qos_data.qos,

This can be used for troubleshooting the issue with the adjustment to the 'where' portion of the query. 

Ultimately this will come down to the need to reduce the number of rows queried. 

The hang is expected to be fixed in CU3 for 20.4.

Additional Information

In this specific case there were well in excess of 3 million rows returned via the query. It was determined that there was a great deal of obsolete data in the S_QOS_DATA table.