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Status Report/PDF Showing Only One Line Of Content


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After upgrading to 16.0.1, the Status Report Preview and PDF output only shows 1 line for Risks, Issues and Changes.  In prior releases, these sections showed the long text wrapped into multiple lines. The program and senior program managers heavily use the PDF to share with directors and executive sponsors. This not working/displaying like it used to causes a disruption.

Consequently, when exporting to PDF, after configuring/adding fields such as Description, the field text is cut off and there is not enough space to see more of the text.



Expected Results: Text in the field should wrap to display multiple lines like it did in prior releases. 

Actual Results: Text only displays 1 line and full text is not visible. 


DE64520 - Generic table grid widgets were introduced in the Status Report Canvas in Release 16.0.1 and does not provide multi-line output. 

In Release 16.0.1, 16.0.2, this is working as expected with the software limitation of using the generic grid within the canvas.  With the overall enhancements made to the Status Report in 16.0.1, it now uses the generic grid component as 'widgets' in the canvas for the Tasks, Risks, Issues and Changes.  The generic grid does not provide the ability to grow the row height to accommodate word-wrap within cells.  


Release : 16.0.1, 16.0.2 


Update from Product Management: (June 2022)

  • The issue has been reviewed and we are going to have the new Canvas Generic Table (grid) Widgets to automatically word-wrap cells based on the amount of data in the cell and the width of the cell. 
  • This is 'targeted' for the upcoming release scheduled for August (subject to changes; not confirmed until delivered) 

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