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Post Upgrade Issue: Status Report/PDF Showing Only One Line Of Content


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Prior to the upgrade to 16.0.1, the status report fields in widgets such as Issues, Risks, Changes show only one line.

Consequently, when exporting to PDF, after configuring/adding fields such as Description, the field text is cut off and there is not enough space to see more of the text.

Actual: Only one line of text shows.
Expected: Prior to 16.0.1, it used to show 2-3 line of the text.

PDF exports what is seen.

Prior to 16.0.1, there height of the fields was more than 1 line.



Generic grid widgets were introduced in 16.0.1 and does not provide multiline output.



Release : 16.0.1



The functionality should work the same after the upgrade to 16.0.1 and should not lose the number of lines shown as before.

This is reported as DE64520 and closed.

This is working as expected with the software limitation of using the generic grid within the canvas.  With the overall enhancements made to the Status Report in 16.0.1, it now uses the generic grid component as 'widgets' in the canvas for the Tasks, Risks, Issues and Changes.  The generic grid does not provide the ability to grow the row height to accommodate word-wrap within cells.