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LASTRUN value is blank on forced-complete ESP job with non-zero EXECQT


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ESP Workload Automation



Job history:

FULLNAME        SCHED        START        EXEC     END          EXEC      EXEC FORCED

                DATE         DATE         START    DATE         END      QTIME COMPLETE

JOB008310      121221       121721       12.40.50 121721       12.41.05    14   YES


Note: Job ran for 14 seconds, and was forced to complete.  

When the ESP MAPGEN/JOBMAP job runs, it returns a blank value for 'LAST RUN:'  instead of the job's last execution date.







Release : 12.0



This is working as designed. 

The ESP application manager resets the JOBSTATS record flag for jobs that are force-completed, regardless of the job elapsed time (EXECQT). 

In other words, if the job ran, then was forced to complete, the job statistics would not be collected. 

This behavior was introduced in 2007.   If job statistic is collected for force-completed job, the average runtime will not be calculated correctly.

Job statistics is reported only for jobs that completed normally.  Abended jobs are skipped for job stats reporting.