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View - Expected change of a Generation number did not occur


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A job ran on two different days and it incremented the sequence number as opposed to the generation number.  

There was an IPL that occurred between those job runs. 

Can we fix this?


Release : 14.0

Component :


The only thing that will make a generation number change is the running of a View standard backup (SARINIT DAYS=... and TIME=...). 

Otherwise, when SARSTC collects a report with the same name, if the generation number is the same, then it will assign a higher sequence number.

Though there had been an IPL, the point is that there was no View backup that had occurred. 

If there are any doubts as to when the SARSTC task comes up, it may be an idea to change the SARINIT TIME=... parameter to a time that it would be reasonably guaranteed that the task would be active.

Note: If there is any change to the SARINIT TIME=hhmm parameter, there would need to be a recycle of the View SARSTC task. 

If the user has any question, they can always look at the Archive Date and Time fields, to see when a report was processed, not totally being focused on the generation number.