Export to CSV not working - Not able to open file in Modern UX
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Export to CSV not working - Not able to open file in Modern UX


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


When there are more than 500 records in a view and an export of the records is done to CSV, the file is made available for download after a short while in the Notifications section. However, when an attempt is made to download a CSV file like this, the following error message is sometimes encountered:

CSV file no longer exists

The following corresponding error is noticeable in the app-ca.log:

File "22862212" not found in path " /app/clarity_filestore/Files/842/023"
ERROR 1947-08-15 12:00:40,989 [http-nio-8080-exec-826] ppm.rest (clarity:admin:581321880__85DD-4F60-A80E-B49655ED3B76:PPM_REST_API) Error while loading Attachment Data from Document Manager.Could not retrieve file from file store


Version: 15.9.3


The following conditions together caused this issue:

  • Multiple application nodes
  • AND Multiple App and BG Services
  • AND Individual Clarity Filestore in each application node


Changed Clarity Filestore to be an NFS. Recommendation from the documentation to use the same disk to store all files (if files are not being stored in the DB) is being made available below: