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IBM MQ Native Step settings are not updated correctly


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CA Application Test


We are trying to create two separate tests using IBM MQ Native Send and Receive Step where each of the step connects to two separate Queues and Queue Managers.

When we try to edit/add second Queue Manager details in second IBM MQ Native Send and Receive Step, the queue details in first IBM MQ Native Send and Receive Step is also getting updated. We tried restarting the tool and issue still persist.





Release : 10.6 and later

Component : Workstation


 When you update Queue manager details in second step, it updates the asset you created for the queue. Because of this, you see the queue manager details are updating in first step also.

   To use multiple queue manager details, instead of editing the Queue manager details, add an another asset and enter Queue manager details like shown in below:

After this change, you need to choose the Queue manager according to first and second step and verify the details.