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CDD certificates


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Continuous Delivery Director


We want to know if the CDD application have any certificates that need to be renewed. Can you tell us where we can see these certificates?


Release : v8.4



CDD does not ship or set up certificates itself. CDD actually requires Tomcat to be installed prior to adding the CDD web application WAR files. Tomcat is where certificates are loaded for securing the web applications that are hosted by it. CDD does offer some guidance on how you can implement your own certificates if you are so inclined. You can find that information outlined here: Secure Communication


Since CDD does not provide/implement any certificates, there is nothing from the CDD product side that would expire and need to be renewed. However, if you're tomcat server that is used to host CDD (or its plugins) uses a certificate then you will need to review the details of that certificate to determine if it should be renewed. You can see how Tomcat is configured with certificates via its server.xml - mentioned in the "Secure Communications" page in the CDD product documentation.