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Multiple processes failing/starting back up in SDM Server


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


During startup of the SDM Server, seeing the following processes all terminating and failing to start back up:


Errors will appear as the following in the stdlogs:

01/01 08:58:41.37 SERVER1 pdm_d_mgr               3540 ERROR        daemon_obj.c          2000 Daemon pdm_catalog_sync died: restarting
01/01 09:02:35.00 SERVER1 pdm_d_mgr               3540 ERROR        daemon_obj.c          2000 Daemon pdm_mail_nxd died: restarting
01/01 08:58:45.26 SERVER1 pdm_d_mgr               3540 ERROR        daemon_obj.c          2000 Daemon pdm_maileater_nxd died: restarting
01/01 08:58:41.88 SERVER1 pdm_d_mgr               3540 ERROR        daemon_obj.c          2000 Daemon pdm_wfmgr_nxd died: restarting
01/01 08:58:04.32 SERVER1 pdm_d_mgr               3540 ERROR        daemon_obj.c          2000 Daemon rpc_srvr died: restarting
01/01 08:58:29.31 SERVER1 pdm_d_mgr               3540 ERROR        daemon_obj.c          2000 Daemon sdmtelemetry died: restarting


If one looks in the logs, there will also be the following which are the directives to start the given processes

01/01 23:10:56.01 SERVER1 proctor_SERVER1       2884 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_process.c          353 Starting: pdm_catalog_sync with classpath: E:/PROGRA~1/CA/SERVIC~1/bin/CatalogSync.jar; <OMIT>

01/01 23:31:28.33 SERVER1 proctor_SERVER1          3456 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_process.c          353 Starting: pdm_mail_nxd with classpath: E:/PROGRA~1/CA/SERVIC~1/java/lib/pdm_mail_assembly.jar; <OMIT>

01/01 23:31:36.08 SERVER1 proctor_SERVER1          3456 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_process.c          353 Starting: pdm_wfmgr_nxd with classpath: E:/PROGRA~1/CA/SERVIC~1/java/lib/wfmanager.jar; <OMIT>

01/01 23:10:31.83 SERVER1 proctor_SERVER1       2884 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_process.c          353 Starting: rpc_srvr with classpath: E:/PROGRA~1/CA/SERVIC~1/bin/pdm_rpc.jar; <OMIT>

01/01 23:31:28.31 SERVER1 proctor_SERVER1          3456 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_process.c          353 Starting: sdmtelemetry with classpath: E:/PROGRA~1/CA/SERVIC~1/java/lib/sdmtelemetry.jar; <OMIT>

The above processes are all attempting to start but the jar files specified in the classpath are incorrect or missing.  Examining the jar files specified in the classpath will show some of the jar files are missing or removed.


Release : 17.3

Component : CA Service Desk Manager


Examine the listed classpath entries, and confirm in the specified directory locations if the jar files are present.  If there are any missing jar files, the best way to address would be to examine another SDM Server at the same patch level to see if the jar files are present there and copy them to the affected SDM Server.

Jar files are typically accessed from the NX_ROOT/bin directory or the NX_ROOT/java/lib directory

Additional Information

The jar files could be missing due to a variety of factors, from the files being removed due to a virus protection scan or an issue with patch installation.  

If the jar files are copied across from another server, please be sure to preserve the date/time stamp of the original file.