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Cannot update global password view policy (pvp) banner. Some PVPs updating with custom banner, others do not.


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Cannot update global password view policy banner.  This weekend we attempted to update the verbiage in the Credential Manager settings.  However, while it saves with no issue, the new banner is not appearing for anyone when attempting to check out an account.  



Release : 3.4.6



The new feature of custom banners were added to 3.4.2:


1. All new PVPs will update with the configured custom banner (Credential Manager settings\Banner).

2. If custom banner set, existing banners will keep their existing "Password View Request Banner".  New custom banner will not be used (this is correct behavior)

3.  If PVPs older than 3.4.2. The custom banner will be used as the new feature was added to 3.4.2.  Any versions before will not have a banner set so custom banner is added. 

This explains why some pvps update with the custom banner and some pvps keep there existing.  When seen this shows as a sporadic behavior where some pvps update the banner and others do not.