Duration Cannot be Updated in Timeline View in Modern UX
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Duration Cannot be Updated in Timeline View in Modern UX


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Summary: The Task Duration field shows editable in the Modern UX even though its not editable. The Duration update works in the Classic Gantt view without any issues. 


Steps to Reproduce: 

Modern UX:

  1. Login to Modern UX and ensure you have at least project manager as role
  2. Go to the Project TASKS Module and add the 'Duration' field to the grid columns 
  3. Edit the duration and you will be able to edit inline 
  4. Add another non-editable field like Parent Portfolio item id and you will see a red cross telling user its a non-editable field 


Classic UX:

  1. Navigate to the Task tab on any project
  2. Create a Task, click on the Duration cell and update the value 


Expected Result: The Duration changes to the new value and the Finish Date of the Task gets updated. In Modern UX, non-editable fields should show red cross mark. 

Actual Result: The Duration is reset to the earlier value. In Modern UX, the application ignores the input ; it is not saved. No toast message is shown, therefore, the user does not know they cannot edit the Duration field. 

Workaround: Use the PPM Gantt to edit the Task Duration field. 


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


This was reported as DE50489 and had a wider scope than just the duration field on the timeline.

An enhancement is targeted for 16.0.2 to address allowing the Task Duration field to be edited.  




Prior to Release 16.0.2:

  • Working as designed. You can only change the duration by changing the finish date directly or by dragging the right end of the Timeline bar. 


Release 16.0.2:

  • The Task 'Duration' field is now editable in the Modern UX. 
  • This field always represents the total number Working Days using the Standard Calendar.