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Persistent Events or Incrementing Event Occurence in NetOps


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Persistent Alarm Notification

I believe currently the alarm is generated once when the threshold is crossed.

Is there a feature in CAPM that allows CAPM to continue fire off alarms as long as the threshold is crossed or even better to fire off alarms every x occurrence.

Can we see Persistent Events in DX NetOps Performance Management, where it increments an occurrence count every time the defined Threshold is violated?

Do Events in DX NetOps Performance Management show incrementing occurrence counts when the Threshold continues to be violated?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


These types of changes would be Enhancement Requests. Nothing like them is currently underway for new releases (as of the writing of this article, 2022-03-23).

What does Performance Management do?

We create an Event once. As long as there wasn't a Clear due to the Threshold no longer violating, and an existing Event exists, we don't keep creating the Event every 5 minutes.

If we did that we'd likely harm the Event Manager service due to the resulting huge number of events every 5 minutes that could be generated.

This is where the integration with DX NetOps Spectrum comes into play. We create an Alarm in Spectrum based on the Event from Performance Management. The Spectrum raised Alarm is persistent until Cleared by user or Clear Event.

The Performance Management Events Dashboard is only there to see Events created. Not intended as a location to see or align set/clear Threshold Events. That's where Spectrum Event synchronization and it's Alarms come into play.