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Error occurring after SPOOL upgrade - ESF4117 Transformer Interface halted (No X2YYDEF found)


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We have upgraded CA SPOOL 14.0 for z/OS 2.5 compatibility. Files that require AFP to PCL transformation are causing the error below:

ESF4110 File nnnn queued for A2PC Transformation
ESF4117 Transformer Interface halted (No X2YYDEF found)



Release : 14.0

Component : Spool


The error indicates the functional subsystem definition required by the Java Transformers is not present in the ESFPARM.

If you are migrating from the AFP to Java Transformers, please, review the section of the documentation from the ling below:

The symptom you described indicates the step "Add the Java Transformers Started Task to ESFPARM" has not been executed.

Add the Java Transformers Started Task to ESFPARM

With Java transformers, a separate started task performs the conversions. The connection between Spool and the Java Transformer started task is defined in the Spool parameters (ESFPARM). Therefore, an additional statement, X2YYDEF, is required in ESFPARM:

X2YYDEF x2yyname,      Transformation FSS name 
        PROC=CAIQD2E,  FSS JCL procedure name
        MAXTASK=10,    Max concurrent transformations
        DEFAULT=YES    Implicit X2YYDEF