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Resource 'Availability' Grand Total amount shows 374,480 hours


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When looking at the 'Availability' field for a Resource in the Staffing Workspace and using the 'Grand Total' View Option, you see a really large number: 374,480 hours. 
Is this the maximum number of hours for a resource and why is it so large?


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  • All Time Slice Curve data within Clarity have minimum and maximum date boundaries of Jan. 1, 1900 to Jun. 3, 2079. 
  • The Grand Total 'Availabilty' hours for a Resource using the default, stock Standard Calendar without the Hire or Termination date will have a maximum number of hours = 374,480.  This is because the 'Availability' curve will have a (minimum) start date of Jan. 1, 1900 and a (maximum) end date of Jun. 3, 2079.  This equates to approximately 179 years. 
    • 374,480 total hours / 8 hours per day = 46,810 working days
    • 46,810 days / approximately 261 working days per year = approximately 179 years
  • If you enter a Date of Hire and/or a Date of Termination, the Grand Total Availability will be adjusted upon update of time slices. 
  • If you set up calendar shifts to alter the daily 'Availability Rate' and alter the calendar working days and non-working days, the Grand Total Availability will be adjusted upon update of time slices. 
  • When viewing 'Sum of Periods' the Resource 'Availability' will be bound by the date range selected within the View Options.