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Can't edit a SDM ticket when the PAM process is in Blocked status


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager CA Service Desk Manager


The following issue appears in stdlog when trying to edit an SDM ticket but there is a PAM process linked to the SDM, which is in Blocked status:

spelsrvr               21140 ERROR        chgwf.spl             2123 Error checking status of ITPAM workflow '<id> : 3
spelsrvr               21140 ERROR        pcat.spl               766 Error checking ITPAM workflow ('<id>') status for cr:<persid>: 1 on  failed:
spelsrvr               21140 ERROR        cr.spl                9012 Unable to automatically close ticket: cr:<persid> - Error checking ITPAM workflow ('<id>') status for cr:<persid> : 1 on  failed:
web:local              14268 SIGNIFICANT  session.c            11063 Session





The PAM process in Blocked status does not allow to edit the SDM ticket


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - PAM


1. Open the PAM process

2. Abort the Blocked process by clicking on the Abort button. Example:

3. Go back to SDM and edit the ticket. This time the ticket will be editable.