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Versions and PTFs on IDMS Server r17.1


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This article describes how to determine what PTFs are applied to IDMS Server r17.1.


Release : 17.1
Component : IDMS Server


Since IDMS Server r17.1, a more streamlined approach has been taken to documenting which PTFs are applied.

As has always been the case, all IDMS Server PTFs are cumulative. 

In every PTF, the downloaded .zip file will contain a file of the form "PTFReadme.<ptf-name>.docx". This file contains a list of IDMS Server r17.1 PTFs up to that point in time with an associated point release number. For example, the point release number for LU05044 is 17.1.5.

In an IDMS Server r17.1 installation, that point release number can be seen in the following places:

1. In the name of the install .exe files that come in the PTF's .zip file, e.g. IDMS Server 32 bit 17.1.5.exe and IDMS Server 64 bit 17.1.5.exe .

2. In the Windows Control Panel entry for the IDMS Server products in the Version column.

3. In Windows "Apps & Features" (click on the entry to expose the Version).

4. In the ODBC Administrator "Drivers" tab (this is only updated if the relevant PTF updates the ODBC driver).

5. If logging is enabled, in the log file.

2022/03/23 09:23:25.317 P:00002DC0 T:00001AD8  --- CA IDMS Server Utility Services
2022/03/23 09:23:25.319 P:00002DC0 T:00001AD8  --- File   : C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\CA IDMS Server\idmsutil.dll
2022/03/23 09:23:25.320 P:00002DC0 T:00001AD8  --- Version:
2022/03/23 09:23:25.321 P:00002DC0 T:00001AD8  --- Build  : Oct  4 2021 13:15:07