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Setting of anomaly detection (Metric Monitoring Group) for some metrics impossible in OI 21.3.1


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DX Operational Intelligence


In a DX AIOps 21.3.1 on-prem environment there is following behaviour in OI:

It is impossible to define anomaly detection for some metrics, as  is impossible to define a Metric Monitoring Group for these.

For example - if I want to create  a metric monitoring group for the following APM metric

And enter the filter settings to identify it - it is not listed



The config is eluded to in the doc but it is not obvious. On this doc page 

is the following in section #6

The metric grouping of the DX APM OI Plugin is pre-configured and provided as a part of the SAAS Management Module as a jar file, SAASMM.jar. Ensure that the DX APM OI Metric Regex is configured and available as a part of the SAAS Management Module (SAASMM.jar) in all Collectors and Mangers of Managers (MOM) in your environment. Consider that you modify the DX APM Digital Operational Intelligence Metric Regex. Then, ensure that you manually modify the same details in the Management Modules of all Collectors and MOM in your environment.


Release : 21.3

Component :


In APM edit the Metric Grouping APM OI in Management Module SaaS and add the regex to include the required metrics the the Metric Specifier list 

And then those metric were available in the Metric monitoring grouping create dialog in the OI settings