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Gateway Published APIs not appearing in the Portal


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CA API Developer Portal


We recently enrolled a Gateway into the Portal but we see that not all Gateway Published APIs are appearing in the Portal.

Please check below image of Proxy.

There are totally 669 Gateway published APIs but only 310 are appearing in the Portal.

Please let us know how we can make all 669 APIs appear in the portal.



The APIs were present in the Portal before. They were deleted from the Portal.


Release : 5.0.2

Component : API PORTAL


1. Deleting the APIs from the gateway will not solve the issue as we need those APIs to appear in the portal.

2. Connect to Portal database and check the api table , identify all those API's having PORTAL_STATUS=DELETED value.

select uuid,name, tenant_id from api where portal_status= 'DELETED';

3. Delete these entries from api table to resolve the issue.