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Deeplinks do not work on SSO OP


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


OP setup with SAML and deeplinks does not work when not logged in, and will use RelayState niku/nu even if externalURL and errorURL is set up with RelayState

  1. Set up SAML with Okta and Clarity 16.0.1
  2. Ensure it works with no issue for SSO
  3. Now set up a deep link for this environment in externalURL


  1. Restart and try connecting again without being logged in. Note it will send you to niku/nu
  2. Now set errorURL to http://SERVERNAME:PORT/niku/nu?RelayState=encode(replace(/niku/nu#action:,/niku/app?action=,${entryurl}))
  3. Restart and try connecting again

Expected Results: the RelayState in externalURL should take precedence over any other setup.

Actual Results: Neither externalURL or errorURL RelayState is taken into account. Debug message:

INFO  2022-03-21 14:08:30,236 [http-nio-2444-exec-1] filter.SAMLFilter (clarity:OKTAUSER:5275398__623B3377-991D-4C82-925D-BB4C56B9ED59:none) SAMLFilter: Decoded relaystate 1 times: http:// SERVERNAME:PORT/niku/nu
INFO  2022-03-21 14:08:30,236 [http-nio-2444-exec-1] filter.SAMLFilter (clarity:OKTAUSER:5275398__623B3377-991D-4C82-925D-BB4C56B9ED59:none) Redirecting to http:// SERVERNAME:PORT/niku/nu


Release : 16.0.0, 16.0.1, 16.0.2 


This is DE64489, reviewed by Engineering and will be addressed as a part of upcoming enhancement feature story work. 


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