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Error repeating many times in CA-App logs PPM_REST_API AuthenticationFilter ::  Exception while authentication user.


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are seeing the same error message again and again in the ca-app logs on our web application servers in production. 

ERROR 2022-02-01 22:09:38,944 [https-jsse-nio2-8443-exec-6] (clarity:unknown:37067599__4185EF58-2ECD-41EB-9209-C6267154D911:PPM_REST_API) AuthenticationFilter ::  Exception while authentication user. Authentication Failure Error!
 at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter(


This has been seen in On Premise Load Balanced Clarity environments.

Some Load Balancers may not be using Session Persistence.


Release : 15.8.1

Component : 


Speak with your Load Balancer administrator about using session persistence so that the user is sent to the same Clarity app server for every request.

Additional Information

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